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Important please read. Website rules

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Important please read. Website rules #22
Website rules

1.English only!
English is the only language you are allowed to use on the forums and in the chatbox.

2. No spamming.
Spamming is characterised by the initiation of threads or posts that contribute nothing to a forum, be it off topic or on topic.
Examples include: few words that have no relation to the current topic or discussion, don't hijack a post to make your point.
Spam of any kind is not allowed. e.g: Posting irrelevant or useless content.

3. No disrespect.
Under no circumstance is anyone allowed to disrespect ANY member of any kind.
If you are a long standing member, act like one. Lead by example and assist other newer members rather then attacking them.
We want our veteran members to teach the newer members the appropriate way to use these forums and most importantly, that we have a great community here.
If someone insults you, do not retaliate. REPORT the offending post of theirs.
If your rule violation(s) include wilful intent to harm, such as: spamming, disrespect, foul language or advertising; your account will be suspended indefinitely.

4. No advertising.
Don't post links to other websites that are not useful for the topic subject. Posting a link in your signature is not allowed.
Don't advertise services you own or work for (i.e. If you run a Server company, don't advertise it.).
You are more than welcome to recommend a service to look at or use, basically just don't blatantly be around the forums only to be gaining customers for yourself.

5. Fundraising of any kind is not allowed.

6. No Cross-Posting ◦ Cross-Posting is when you post the same message multiple time in various topics and forums.
Continuing to post a similar message will result in a forum warning and could lead up to a restriction from posting or forum ban.

7. No Pornographic Material ◦ Any sexually oriented imagery or links to such content will not be tolerated and will be punished with a permanent ban.

8. No Bad language of any kind in public forum or shoutbox should you break this rule your site account will be suspended for 1 month.

9. Multiple Forum Accounts ◦ You are only allowed to have 1 forum account. Any additional accounts will be banned, action can be taken against your primary account depending on the situation too.

10. Signature Size ◦ We have limits in place, however it doesn't mean you need to push your signature to these limits.
You signature doesn't need to be insanely large and the most noticeable signature of all members. It should not be obnoxiously too large for other users browsing.

11. No Signature or Profile Picture/Avatar Abuse ◦ If we find that an image you use in your signature or profile picture/avatar is offensive to anyone
it will be immediately removed and your account will receive a forum warning (or even a possible ban). Be sure to keep your signature and profile picture/avatar at a reasonable size.

Forum Etiquette
1. Disable CAPS LOCK ◦ if you're posting typing ALL caps in either your topic title or your posts this is unacceptable.

2. Any Copyright will be removed This action is required as -SD- can not control community use of individually copyrighted codes/scripts.
Therefore we must remove them to avoid potential legal actions against use for distributing copyrighted material not owned by -SD-.

Pictures and Videos posting YouTube links unless the are owned by you.

2.No posting of pictures unless you own them.


1.If you do not follow these simple chatbox rules, you WILL be banned from the chat.

2.No advertising of any kind should you break this rule you will receive a permanent site ban
The forum rules ALSO apply for the shoutbox.

3. Spamming ◦ Do not spam in the chat or post bad/harmful content. This will lead to an overall ban on your account too.

4. Language ◦ Do not use bad language or abuse others especially Staff. or you will receive a permanent site ban posting YouTube links unless the are owned by you.

6.No posting of pictures unless you own them.
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