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Caliber all game modes

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Caliber all game modes #1893
Here is a list of all game modes for Caliber.

As you can see you can play
Player v Player
Player v Bots
Player v Player +Bots so both sides have to kill each other and the bots on both sides.

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Caliber all game modes #1894
General Rules when playing Special Operations
There are rules, general guidelines, or unspoken rules (whatever you want to call it) that increases your chances of winning. Here are some:

- Don't rush -
the bots are going to have a field day with you. The bots in Spec Ops dish out damage like no ones business and you're not the exception. Also if you rush, the farther you are from the team/medic, the longer you have to wait to be revived. Don't do stupid things that will put everyone or the mission in danger.

- Dont activate switches right away -
In the game, you will come across levers and/or switches that needs to be activated in order to proceed with the mission. As with everything else, check if everyone is ready, or if they are already stocked up on ammunition etc. Activating things when everyone isn't ready or isn't in position is a recipe for failure.

- Dont bring level 0 operators -
Some players can pull it off, but it's much safer if you level up your operator a bit before dedicating him/her to a spec ops game. Imagine you're a level 0 medic, in a team comprised of upgraded death bringers. A lot of people can carry now but I doubt they'd want to play with you again. It's an automatic decline if you add them to your fireteam after a mission failure. They will remember you.

- Go for headshots -
Headshots cancel the enemies aim, especially machine gunners who gets accurate in time while firing. In Spec ops, killing enemies fast without giving them a chance to fire back is key.

- Ask if you don't know what to do, and suggest if you know what's up, or if you know of a way that's much better -
In my experience, Caliber players be they high or low level players, are generally cool and awesome people to play with. People are more forgiving when you own up to your mistakes, if they see that you're doing your best to learn, or if you ask what to do if in case you're lost. Veterans will sit down with you to teach you how to do things, they respect that so don't be shy.

- Be a team player, and play as a team -
Nothing better than finishing a very hard Special Operations mission because everyone played their part. Makes you and the team want to go and do harder missions. Also being a team player will most likely land you an invite or them accepting your invite.

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